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7th & 8th Grade Confirmation 2019-2020

Confirmation is a ministry with students and their families. After completing their second year of Confirmation, students who have chosen to be confirmed will publicly affirm their faith. The goal is to equip young people so they can do so both informed and faithfully.  Confirmation is a voluntary program, not a sacrament. By registering your child, you are making a commitment to support them and the OSLC staff through this process. Parents are the greatest influence on the faith of their children! We have plenty of ways for you to partner with us in this process. Students will be engaged in worship, learning, serving and fellowship. Our Savior’s Confirmation Ministry uses   curriculum written by Bethany Kurschner, Spark House re:form, and Chuck Knows Church videos.  


Pastors Rod, Tracy, and Josh, Bethany Kurschner and Jason Meissner lead students in Biblically based learning through worship, art, skits, stories, and video. Students meet in assigned small groups with an adult leader/mentor for sharing, prayer, and discussion.


Worship is encouraged and expected as a family. Students are required to turn in fourteen worship summaries between Sept. - May. Attendance at Midweek Lenten Worship is required and takes the place of classes during Lent. 


Students explore serving within the Church and try two different things - or they can be involved in SOS or Youth Bell Choirs, YLT, or VBS. Students also experience two group service projects during the year

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Congratulations 2019 Confirmands!