Our Savior's Bell Pavilion


We invite members, lake walkers and the community to enjoy the Bell Pavilion. Stop by, sit on one of three benches, and pause for some rest, relaxation and meditation. A sound system allows you to listen to music or an inspiring recorded message. During Christmas we also feature Christmas music. The bell will toll at noon and 6 PM, at the start of worship and for other events. It is a tangible reminder of the legacy of our Norwegian Lutheran pioneers who started our congregation 151 years ago.  


In 1920 the bell was purchased from the world famous Meneely Bell Co. of New York for $665. It weighed 900 pounds, measured 36 inches across at its base and played an 'A' note. The bell was originally placed in service at our previous location on Oakwood Avenue. Congregation members recall when the bell was rung at the start and end of worship and to mark births, deaths, marriages, and in 1945 the end of World War II. 

When the congregation moved to our present location in 1953, the bell was left behind. For decades, the bell had been silent, collecting cobwebs instead of calling out to the community. Three years ago the bell returned and plans for its new location began. It was recently restored to working order and placed in a newly constructed Bell Pavilion in front of the church.  


During the dedication Sunday, June 11, 2017, the Pastors spoke the following words,
“Not only do we dedicate this Bell and Pavilion to God, but we also remember the many people in whose memory and honor the funds for this project were donated. As we hear this bell toll may we hold them in our memory. We are humbly grateful to God for their lives!   
We also remember those members in the past who with great dedication and perseverance  through nearly 150 years strove to ensure the ministry and stability of this congregation. They prayed and worked so that Our Savior’s Church would be a blessing in Oconomowoc, so that we may continue our vision to reach everyone with the love of Christ! And now we dedicate this Bell and Bell Pavilion to the Glory of God!"
Following these words, the bell rang out to the church members and the community after many years of silence.