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The Spirit Blows Where it Wills

The basic cause of all winds is temperatures are changing; cooler air rushes in to replace the rising warmer air. That’s scientific understanding. In the Bible, wind and its effects are often considered vehicles of God’s grace. Whirlwind, storm, earthquake, and wind function as useful images for the power of God, which itself is unseen, yet it changes what it encounters. As our leaders continue to work on church staff transitions, our congregation feels the effects of change and needs to trust that God is working among us. Our work is not to decide what God is doing in our community or even in our lives, but to try to discern how God is acting...and be a part of it!  In this series we’ll take a closer look at the wonderful and mysterious work of the Holy Spirit.


August 6 Led by the Spirit

August 13 God’s work, Our hands

August 20 Welcoming the Stranger

August 27 At a Loss for Words

September 3   Show Me the Right Path