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One Another

The Bible has many verses that contain the words “one another” to describe how to build healthy Christian community.  Six of these verses are used as the weekly themes for this series. These passages provide a pathway – an invitation - to connect with a small group of people within our community where you can grow in your faith, be encouraged in your life, and find serving partners.

The best way for Our Savior’s, a large congregation of 2,000, to love one another, is to invite you to intentionally love a few – those you consider part of your small group. It might be your committee, serving team, or class. If you haven’t connected with a group yet, we invite you to try one for these 6 weeks.

Sept. 10/11     Meet With One Another

Sept. 17/18    Teach One Another

Sept. 24/25  Look Out For One Another

Oct. 1/2        Bear One Another's Burdens

Oct. 8/9       Spur One Another On

Oct. 15/16     Live In Harmony With One Another