Married People

is part of Family Ministry at Our Savior's. One of the best things we can give the next generation is for them to be surrounded by amazing marriages. We offer a variety of opportunities to enrich the relationship between married couples. Choose one or do them all! 
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4 Core Habits to a Great Marriage:


Social Nights  

Everyone wants a great marriage! One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids and grandkids is to be an example of a strong and healthy marriage. No matter where you are in your journey together, these nights help you connect with each other and other couples. Come laugh with us, make some new friends and leave inspired.  

Date Nights

No matter how long you have been married, every couple needs to date. The problem is finding the time to be creative on your date. Don't sweat it - Our Savior's Date Nights are go for it! Enjoy our planned date nights where you and your spouse take time to be alone. It's time you have some serious fun as a couple. Don't worry guys, these dates are easy to pull off on any budget, and they're really a lot of fun!