Adventures with God

It’s Summer—Hooray! It’s the time of year when we travel—on vacations, to the cabin, camping, weddings, anniversaries, family-reunions, to the lake and so forth. It’s a time to begin and enjoy new adventures: Graduation, Mission-Trips, Summer Sports & Music Camps, life with a new spouse, starting a new job, visiting places you’ve never been!

Walking with God is a daily adventure. Our faith life is about visiting new locations—spiritually. This Series focuses on the places we go in life—with God. What will this journey look like? What will we learn about our relationship with Jesus—and others? What will we learn about ourselves? God will help to make it an adventure!

May 26/27 Baptized and Filled with the Spirit

June 2/3 New Roads: Where Will God Lead You?

June 9/10 A Companion on the Journey

June 16/17 Shipwrecked - Jesus Rescues Us

June 23/24 Freedom to Serve Under God’s Grace

June 30/July 1 A Brand New Journey

July 7/8 Alone on the Journey