5K to 4th Grade Ministry




Mollie roehl, director
567-8349, ext. 17  


Our goal is to create a place where children can discover they can trust God. Through the combined efforts of our Children’s Ministry leaders and parents, children learn to trust God and learn what it means to live an everyday faith. Before heading on to middle school children will learned these basic truths:

*   I need to make the wise choice...I will trust Jesus, spend time getting to know God and discover God’s unique plan for my life.
*  I can trust God no matter what…because He is my Creator, Father, Guide and Savior.
*  I should treat others the way I want to be treated…I will show God’s love to those around me, care enough to put others before me,    respect whoever God puts over me, and be the right friend to those beside me.    

Sunday Programs Resume Sept. 10

Your child will love Sunday mornings at Our Savior's. Caring adult & youth volunteers work together to nurture your child's faith. Monthly themes provide a fresh, fun way to engage your child. Parent Connect emails are sent weekly. Parent Meetings are held throughout the year - it's a great way to connect with teachers and other parents. Last Sunday Program is May 21. Find out what your child is learning: 

PARENT CONNECT  Keep informed of upcoming events  

sunday programs:  parent guide 5k-4th grade


Members can schedule a baptism by contacting Mary Schalig, mary.schalig@oslc-wi.org.
Not a member? Talk to Kris Gallert, kris.gallert@oslc-wi.org or the pastors about joining Our Savior’s.