Pastor karen natterstad retired the end of july. we thank her for her ministry at our savior's and wish her well. listen to her final sermon here.

we are now in The "Call Process" at Our Savior's  

The Lutheran Call Process is unique because it is an effort to discern what God wants for the local church and for the whole Church in order that the Gospel may be proclaimed and the Sacraments administered in accordance with the Gospel. Calling a pastor can be a special time for reflection and prayer in the life of a congregation. This time of transition is an opportunity for the Council to provide encouragement, trust in God, unity and spiritual growth. Prayer, Bible study, and regular devotions keep the leadership spiritually centered as it guides the congregation in grieving its loss, assessing the current congregational strengths and weaknesses, creating a vision for mission and ministry, and calling two new pastors to serve with Pastor Rod Resheske.

Call Process Handbook

The handbook created by the Greater Milwaukee Synod provides information on the process. Pastor Kristin Nielsen of the Greater Milwaukee Synod staff is working with us.

MiSSION Exploration Team (MET)

MET has developed two "Ministry Site Profiles" which will provide the Call Committee with basic information, a description of leadership needs to guide their work, assist the Bishop in recommending candidates to be considered, and provide a picture of Our Savior’s for potential candidates. They have been approved by the Church Council and Synod. The congregation will discuss them at meetings held Sun., Aug. 20 at 10:30 AM or Wed., Aug. 23 at 6:30 PM. Synod Representatives will be at the Aug. 23 meeting. Church members will vote on the final Ministry Site Profiles Sun., Aug. 27 at 10:30 AM.

Thanks to these team members for their dedication and vision:
Lead - JoAnne Lamp; Council Reps: Jason Kelly, Kris Timmer; HR : Joel Harris, Casey Krueger; Strategic Plan: John Rodell, Katie Lois; Members-at-Large: Molly Neumann, Al Wilson, Steve Bell, and Staff Representative: Pastor Rod Resheske.

Interim Pastor

With Pastor Karen's retirement, we will be hiring an Interim Pastor to work through the transition period. Church leadership along with Pastor Rod have considered the qualifications needed and responsibilities for an Interim Pastor to assist Pastor Rod and staff with daily operations and worship services while we search for two new pastors. The Synod has received our request and has been sending us candidates to consider.